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Short Promo-Mix of the week

Today i recorded a small 47 minutes-Mix.Style? Look into the playlist or most easier: Load and listen ;-))

  1. Bong-Ra-Tastend in het duister
  2. Ambassador21-Ambassador ( Cdatakill Remix)
  3. Cyanide-Desequilibre instable
  4. Alf-YRax Bitum
  5. Lfo demon-My rotten Body
  6. Base force crew-Untitled
  7. 2CB-Ind.est.
  8. Mister Tibbs-Like big up
  9. Bambam Babylon Bajasch-Das letzte Zucken
  10. Urban Collision-Black ham
  11. Sumone-Making the best in a bad situation
  12. Bill Youngman-Damper


Confused Saturday

Here's a new Promo-mix with some dark and emotional Idm,Noise and electronica-Tracks. 60 minutes of  experimental electronica.The quality isn't the best,sorry;-)))but the next set i recorded with laptop... Here's the playlist:

  1. Psi Performer-1968
  2. 5xpi-Gregorian lesson Volume 2
  3. FX Randomix-Untitled
  4. Unknown-Untitled,Index008
  5. Elec.pepper-White boy
  6. In vivo-Agent intelligent
  7. Lee Ranaldo-Untitled
  8. Caterva-Azyzay
  9. Slub-a-dub Hifi-Distroxxer Dub
  10. Unknown-Untitled,Marasm 012
  11. Aphex Twin-Windowlicker
  12. The Rip-Off artist-Downhole
  13. Phonoxid-Trashmutation
  14. Eyp314-Golden cup
  15. Kraftwerk-Taschenrechner
  16. Criterion-BB
  17. Criterion-Untitled


After work chillin'

Today I collected some chillin Ambient Tunes after work.
It's only a small Mix ( 37 minutes) with Tracks from Chris Zippel, Deep,SBK,Alien Mutation,Klaus Schulz and more... Just a few minutes to relax ; )



I am a Psycho ;-)

Here's ma new Breakcore-Mash up Session. I recorded it today,on a warm saturday @ home.
1 hour pure,most older shit.No Playlist,but suprise ;-) Mixed with Vinyl,Mp3 and the good old Behringer...So enjoy the Mix and have a good time!
Cheers, Franky


Nothin to do on sunday ;-)

Those were the dayz Series Volume 5 - The final Chapter

60 minutes of happy Breakbeat , mixed with good old vinyls to remember the happy times

  1. Alk-E-D - Selecta (Alk-E-D Remix)
  2. Blu Mar Ten-B.R.O.
  3. Aladins'Quest-Dreams are reality
  4. Orca-4 a.m. (Remix)
  5. M-Beat-Sweet Love ( Vibes+Wishdocta Remix)
  6. Jimmy J+Cru-L-T -Runnaway
  7. Dead Raver-Guiding Light
  8. The Prodigy-Everybody is in the place
  9. Dj Rap+Aston-Vertigo
  10. Dj Sike-Bongo Bongo
  11. Jack n'Phil-We are unity
  12. Rinca-This world
  13. Dj Deme-Lift me up
  14. Midas II -Magic Tears
  15. Acen-Trip to the moon II