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Frank A.D. - " Wenn morgens im Chill Out Room das Putzlicht angeht - Mix "

New 90 minutes Chill Out/Lounge/Ambient mixsession.

  1. Ashra-Deep distance (Virgin)
  2. Photek-Into the 90's (Metalheads)
  3. Omni Trio-Haunted kind (Moving shadow)
  4. Union Jack-water drums (Platipus)
  5. Tangerine dream-Rubycon Part 1 (Virgin)
  6. Klaus Schulze-Beyond (Inteam)
  7. Deep Absorber Soundsystem-Wandara (Dodge)
  8. Yagya-Snowflake Part 7 (Force InC)
  9. Psi Performer-1999 (Kanzleramt)
  10. Superpitcher-Tomorrow (Kompakt)
  11. EYP 314-The world rankings (Synchron)
  12. Rauschfaktor-Funkstille Remix (Elektrolux)
  13. Chicks on Speed-Kaltes klares Wasser,Babara Morgenstern Remix (Moabit)
  14. Phonoxoid-Tentation (Hydrophonic)
  15. Laurent Garnier-Greed,User winner Remix (F.Com.)
  16. After Sunset-Think twice (Plastic Loop)
  17. Peleton-Noisehead (Dodge)

daily old skool # 98


3 hours of Happyness,darkness and mistakes

Today i recorded a 3 hours session.full of 92-94 ' old skool jungle and happy breakbeatz Uk-hardcore. Direct from vinyl,51 tracks,330 mb. 

  1. Bizarre Inc-such a feeling (ZYX)
  2. Altern 8-Infiltrade (Network)
  3. Phuture Assassins-shot like dis (Suburban Base)
  4. The Prodigy-Charly (XL)
  5. Liquid-sweet harmony (XL)
  6. Top Buzz-Living in darkness (Basement)
  7. Hyper on experience-another rave (Moving Shadow)
  8. Sonz of da loop da loop era-further out (Suburban Base)
  9. Jack n Phil-we are unity (Basement)
  10. The Prodigy-everybody is in the place (XL)
  11. Dj Demo vs.The Harlequin-Chronicle (Corrosive)
  12. Future Primitive-Infect me (Knite Force)
  13. Dj Slam-Influence (Just another label)
  14. D'Cruze-Bass go boom (Suburban Base)
  15. Nookie-Shinning in da darkness (Reinforced)
  16. Bizzy B.-Slow Jam (White House)
  17. Alec Empire-Anti Nazi soulfood (Force Inc)
  18. Luna C-Piano confusion (Knite Force)
  19. Cru-L-T-Sky high (Knite Force)
  20. Dj Fade-Break thru (Happy vibes)
  21. Slipmatt-Breaking free (Awesome)
  22. Orca-4 am (Lucky Spin)
  23. The House crew-Euphoria (Production House)
  24. Warped Kore-The Power (White House)
  25. Hyper on experience-monarch of the glenn (Moving shadow)
  26. Dj Solo-Axis (Production House)
  27. Future Primitive-Feel it (Knite Force)
  28. Force+The Evolution-Perfect dreams (Knite Force)
  29. Sunshine Productions-Above the clouds (Just another Label)
  30. Naz aka Naz-Organised crime (Dejavu)
  31. The Prodigy-Out of space (XL)
  32. Tayla+Ltj Bukem-Bang the drums (Good looking)
  33. Voodoo Brothers-Jungle vibes (Corrosive)
  34. Twinspin-Beetlejuice (Buzz Bee)
  35. Alk-E-D-Selecta (Knite Force)
  36. Weekend Rush-Desire (Boogie Beat)
  37. Krome+Time-Sound of the underground (Suburban Base)
  38. Noise factory-can you feel the rush? (Ibiza)
  39. Dj Pulse-stay calm (Creative Wax)
  40. Kenetic-girl if ever (Boogie Beat)
  41. Luna C-Mind of a Lunatic (Knite Force)
  42. Hyper on experience-Disturbance (Moving Shadow)
  43. Origin Unknown-Valley of the shadows (Ram)
  44. The Prodigy-Music reach (XL)
  45. Force+The Evolution-lost it (Knite Force)
  46. Dead raver-guiding light (Buzz Bee)
  47. Red Alert+Mike Slammer-Don'tneed your love (Slammin'Vinyl)
  48. Alk-E-D-Absolutely flying (Knite Force)
  49. M-Beat-Just a little (Arts)
  50. N.W.1-Gangster lean (Camden Tunes)
  51. Dj Crystl-Crystlize (Lucky Spin)

daily old skool # 89


Rollin in O-Town - a Tribute to Moving Shadow Records 94/96

Frank A.D. presents a 75 minutes mix of old Moving shadow records from 1994 to 1996.
140 mb 256 kBit/s

  1. Goldie-Inner city life
  2. Omni Trio-Renegade snares
  3. Tango+Fallout-Revelations (Fallout Remix)
  4. Renegade-Terrorist
  5. Bounty Killaz-Do it now (Dj Pulse Remix)
  6. Omni Trio-Who are you? (Aquasky Remix)
  7. Dead calm-Searchin'
  8. Dj Pulse-True romance
  9. Cloud 9-Jazzmin
  10. Tango-Understanding
  11. Blame-Herritage
  12. Natural mystic-Got to have ya
  13. Omni Trio-Nu birth of cool (Rogue unit Remix)
  14. Omni Trio-Serpent Navigators
  15. Dead calm-Urban style
  16. JMJ+Richie.Universal horn

Mai Thai - Mix 05 /2011

Load my new BreakcoreMashupjungleidmhardcoreraggamuffin-Session. 2 hours experimental stuff from vinyl,mixed by Shitcoredeluxe @ home.After a sunny day with BBQ ;-)
Enjoy the mix and here's the playlist:

  1. Aakurtz-Thats the way i look at it (Mashup003)
  2. Ebioma-Retour (Trakma)
  3. Kowaretta Hyoushi-Zenzen wakarimasen (Restroom)
  4. Cardopusher-Shockandsorber (Ad Noiseam)
  5. B.Slave-Down under (Ketacore)
  6. Anticracy-Embarrassing evidence (Hydrophonic)
  7. The Prodigy-Firestarter (XL)
  8. Skeeter-An overwhelming sense (Heres my card)
  9. Istari Lasterfahrer-Killa groove (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
  10. Iso Brown-grab a bing bong Bruits de fond)
  11. Zombieflesheater-Cannibal riddim (Silvata)
  12. FKL-Digital voice (Boumcrash)
  13. Nena-99 Balloons (Sampler)
  14. Ladyscraper-Bleedings from the butt (Heres my card)
  15. Cardopusher-green disorder (Ad Noiseam)
  16. Kaoma-Lambada (Sampler)
  17. Noize creator-Undead (Active underground)
  18. AAAAA-S.V.H. (Peace off)
  19. LFO Demon-weed can (Junk)
  20. Ambassador21-Love,Axiom Remix (Restroom)
  21. Shitmat-Downer (Planet Mu)
  22. Laf -O - Jerky fader Octopuss (Heres my card)
  23. Aphey Twin-Windowlicker (Warp)
  24. Istari Lasterfahrer-My sound (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
  25. Istari Lasterfahrer-The deal my dear (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
  26. Mister Tibbs-Beware the stoppa (MRT001)
  27. Mister Tibbs-Like big up (MRT003)
  28. Mister Tibbs-Where da gangsta's? (MRT001)
  29. Sizzla-Got life (Dancehall Bootleg)
  30. Shitmat-Whitelabel unity (Planet MU)
  31. Doormouse-Mariot mashup (Mashup003)
  32. Lfo Demon-1000 beers (Sprengstoff)
  33. Randomatik blast-Stcepsus (Peace off)
  34. Melodic pinpon-Fuette mot jusqu'au matin (Boumcrash)
  35. NWODTLEM-Number 13 (Jump!!!)
  36. Cardopusher-Unity means power B2 (Ad Noiseam)
  37. Xanopticon-Lock jaw (Zhark)
  38. Cardopusher-show me your pussy massive (Ad Noiseam)
  39. Ilsa Gold-Trashcan Session (Panik)
  40. Nailbomb cults -cthulhu rising (Heres my card)


daily old skool # 85