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Wenn am Weiher die Sonne untergeht 28.4.2012

Da heute so ein geiles Wetter bei uns herrscht ,hatte ich Lust, mal wieder ein Liquid atmospheric Jungle / Drum "n" Bass Mix aufzunehmen. 14 Classics aus der "Guten, alten Zeit" , gemixt wie immer mit Vinyl ;) 90 Minuten old skool zum entspannen am See...wenn die Sonne untergeht...und weil das Wetter so Spaß macht, das ganze heute auf deutsch...

Hier die Spiel-Liste ;)   

  1. Mystic Moods - Music is the basis of all life (Concept 3)
  2. Artenis - Inner Rhythm (Underdog)
  3. The Architex - Blueprint, Dj Pulse Remix (Basement)
  4. Frank de Wulf - Drums in a grip, Wax Doctor Remix (Harthouse)
  5. Dead calm - Searchin (Moving Shadow)
  6. Source Direct - Complexities (Good Looking)
  7. Flytronix - Rare tear, Part 1 (Moving Shadow)
  8. Tekniq - Awakening (New Identity)
  9. Fallen angels - Frequency (Creative Wax)
  10. Interception - Omnious clouds (Radioactive Kids )
  11. Invisible man - Stormfields (Good Looking)
  12. Tango + Ratty - Time and space (Formation)
  13. Lemon D. - Solar system (R+S)
  14. Grasscutter - Music is the future (New Identity)

daily old skool # 399


Still bassin in O-Town

Here are some drum"n"bass classics for you,mixed with vinyl by myself,FrankA.D. aka Shitcoredeluxe...68 minutes pure bass madness....enjoy ur weekend ;))

  1. Twintone-Return of the ruffneck (Position chrome)
  2. Twintone-Return of the ruffneck, Panacea Remix (Position chrome)
  3. Total science-Muff diverz (31)
  4. Metropolitan bass scientists-Gods playing (C.R.I.)
  5. Cause 4 concern-Ceberus (Perspective)
  6. Majistrate + Nicol-Panic attack (Frontline)
  7. Arkos-Marz (Thunder)
  8. Chemical agent-Hostage (Chemical warfare)
  9. Embee + Undercover agent-Surrender in dub (Global thang)
  10. Damage-Savage earth (Transfer)
  11. High Contrast-Global love (Hospital)
  12. Probe+Sylo-Don't stop (Timeless)
  13. Megatron-Trickle (Phat Trax)
  14. The Prophecy-Tuff nut (Dark age)
  15. Atlatiq-Intersect (Elite)

daily old skool # 392


Shitcoredeluxe @ easter experience 9th april 2012

Here's my new session recorded last week @ eastern experience. 3 hours mixed with vinyl...
some straight Breakcore/Hardcore/Jungle/DnB/Mashup/Electro/IDM/Raggacore/Experimental sounds ;)
414 mb full of Shitcore's the tracklist :

  1. Raquel de Grimstone-In the streets (Mirex)
  2. Sonic Dralogo-Good bye (Mirex)
  3. Biochip C-High stakes (Nigra Lux)
  4. Bolz Bolz-Dialoque (World electric)
  5. Biochip C-Skeleton (Lux Nigra)
  6. Bill Youngman-Series Connected (Mental industries)
  7. 2CB-Bish bash bosh (Mental industries)
  8. LFO Demon-Demokratieverständniss (Trakma)
  9. Eiterherd-Daemon (Restroom)
  10. Laf O-Jerky fader octopus (Here's my card)
  11. Istari Lasterfahrer-Kill a groove (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
  12. Shitmat-Sniffer dogs (Planet Mu)
  13. Shitmat-Archaelogy (Planet Mu)
  14. Shitmat-Soundclash at my home (Terminal dusk)
  15. Terminal 11-Nobody does like you (Cock Rock Disco)
  16. Mister Tibbs-Beware the stoppa (Not on Label)
  17. Bong Ra-Duidelsche sodomie en extase (Sublight)
  18. Iso Brown-Le ninja et la meduse (Bruits de fond)
  19. New Blood-Worries in the dance (London some'ting)
  20. Ellis Dee-Nice up ya scene (White House)
  21. Mike Ink-Lovely ugly brutal world (Force Inc)
  22. Nero-Youth against racissm (Force Inc)
  23. More from the possie-Milk droid (Force Inc)
  24. Sickboy-Blister theme (Mirex)
  25. Duran Duran Duran-Hanibal selector (Mashup 004)
  26. Cardopusher-Pollo Ronco (Ad Noiseam)
  27. Rotator-Black flag (Peace off)
  28. Stazma-Rudys breaking the dancehall (Peace off)
  29. Istari Lasterfahrer-Deal my dear (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
  30. Autopsy protocoll-Muff diver (Peace off)
  31. LFO Demon-Maydayverbot (Sprengstoff)
  32. Droon-Hold the west in hand (Wood Widerstand)
  33. Johnny Cash-Ring of fire (Sampler)
  34. Droon-Barndance (Wood Widerstand)
  35. Ozzy Oswald-Ultra violent Korova (Peace off)
  36. Society suckers-Desert heart Part  (Restroom)
  37. Dj SS-Black,VIP Remix (Formation)
  38. Ilsa Gold-Trashcan session (Panik)
  39. Drumcorps-Time (Cock Rock Disco)
  40. Rioteer-Black it is (Crack Beats)
  41. Drumcorps-Grist (Cock Rock Disco)
  42. Rotator-Shock fight fist (Ad Noiseam)
  43. Ambassador 21-Zombie (Restroom)
  44. B.Slave-Down under (Ketacore)
  45. Dj A.P.-Sexy slide (Remix Mafia)
  46. Sickboy-Normadic hunters (Mirex)
  47. Doormouse-American honda (Addict)
  48. Anticracy-Embarassing existence (Hydrophonic)
  49. Mister Tibbs-Like big up (Not on label)
  50. Line 47-Field stencils (Terminal dusk)
  51. LFO Demon-Utterly wipeout (Sprengstoff)
  52. LFO Demon-1000 beers (Sprengstoff)
  53. LFO Demon-See it feel it (Puzzling)
  54. Drop the lime-Soundboy (Tigerskin)
  55. Remarc-Soundmurderer (White House)
  56. Chuck E-Smoking a blunt (White House)
  57. Prisoner-Fire (Kicking Underground)
  58. Sumone-Zombie (Sprengstoff)
  59. Enduser-Chaos (Hymen)
  60. Unibomber-Atomic horsecore (Addict)
  61. Doshy-Boom shake the room (Peace off)
  62. Enya-Orinoco flow (Wea)
  63. Kaebin Yield-Supercharging protein manufacture (Puzzling)
  64. Sickboy-Time to play (Ad Noiseam)
  65. Cardopusher-Show me your pussy massive (Ad Noiseam)

daily old skool # 388


Morgen Live stream auf ab 16 Uhr Frank A.D. aka Shitcoredeluxe live in the mix ;)
Old Skool Jungle, happy Breakbeats + Liquid Atmospheric Drum"n"Bass out