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The lost tapes Volume 1

This is the first one from the lost tapes i found last year in our cellar.most of them I recorded 1995-1997 and contains Trance and Techno tracks...have a nice sunday and enjoy the lost tapes-series ;-)

Side a
  1. Resistance D.-Sonntagsmorgenruhe (Harthouse)
  2. Rejuvination-Sychophantasy (Formaldehyd)
  3. Der 3. Raum-Montiee (Harthouse)
  4. Taho-2019 (F Communications)
  5. Climax-The stuff (Frankfurt Beat)
  6. Green nuns of the revolution-Kwo ne she (Dragonfly)
  7. Union Jack-Red herring (Platipus)
Side b

  1. Union Jack-Red herring (Platipus)
  2. Casseopaya-Ocean of joy (Casseopaya)
  3. Der 3. Raum-Magnetic fields (Harthouse)
  4. X-Cite-Sometimes i dream (Spaceflowers)
  5. Arcus-The classix (Liquid)
  6. Siram-Automatic (Membrane)
  7. Airwalker-Cosmic Zone (Sodom)
  8. Mr.Ballistic-Vein drain (D'fusion)

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