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The lost tapes Volume 2 -The Frankfurt - Trance times 1996

Here's an other old Tape-Rip from me.It's an old studiomix ,late 96' where i had my Frankfurt trance phase.enjoy it and i wish all a nice sunday ;-)

Side a 

  1. Overcharge-Germicide (Time Unlimited)
  2. Dj Scot Project-U (Overdrive)
  3. Microworld-Expresion (Fog Area)
  4. Pro-Active-Technicidad (Suck me Plasma)
  5. BBE-Seven days one week (Triangle)
  6. Data S.-My love (Time Unlimited)
  7. Soundscape-Masiminia (Time Unlimited)
  8. Cores-Matabu Pt.1 (Noom)
  9. De Niro-Mind of man (Tetsuo)

Side b :

  1. De Niro-mind of man (Tetsuo)
  2. Nostrum-Blow back (Time Unlimited)
  3. Spect R-This is Acid (Polytox)
  4. Richard Cube-Trance nature (ZYX)
  5. Aquaplex-Instinct (Universal prime breaks)
  6. Patchwork-Allright (Overdose)
  7. Junk Project-Brain train (Universal prime breaks)
  8. Cores-Matabu Pt.2 (Noom)
  9. Commander Tom vs. Cores-Energy (Noom)
  10. Mandingo-A Rhythm divine (Intercord)
  11. Eric Sneo-Mysterious playce (Energized)

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