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The lost tapes Volume 3 Electro Sessions

Here's an another old tape-rip from me.It's a classics electro session ,recorded and mixed in 2003.

Side a :

  1. Electrosmog-We goa tcha (Djax up Beat)
  2. Növö-Ive been inoculed (Psi49net)
  3. Kraftwerk-Nummern/Computerwelt (Kling Klang)
  4. Biochip C-Clean (Lux Nigra)
  5. Bolz Bolz-Dialoque (World electric)
  6. Christian Berg-Alpha juno (Frisbee Tracks)
  7. Linda Lamb-Hot Room (Gigolo)
  8. Westbam-Terminator (White)
  9. Sven Väth-Ein Waggon voller Geschichten (Virgin)
  10. Mas 2008-Universe of sound (Dodge)
  11. Kitbuildeers-Give it to me (Breaking)
  12. Trike-Syntetic (B.Pitch Control)

Side b :

  1. Trike-Syntetic (B.Pitch Control)
  2. Genuine-Nu electronic forces (Subkraut)
  3. Laurent Garnier-Greed Remix (F Com)
  4. Alek Stark-Electric love (Disko B.)
  5. Claude Young-Beyond 1 (Djax up Beat)
  6. Thomas Krome-Electrobitch (Corb)
  7. Technasia-Untitled (Technasia)
  8. Frank Lorber-Electric sparkle (Cocoon)
  9. La Monde-Painted thunder (Feis)
  10. Anthony Rother-Simulationszeitalter (Psi49net)
  11. Mas 2008-Robosex (Subkraut)
  12. Poet'z-Everything (City Beat)

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