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Rollin in O-Town - a Tribute to Moving Shadow Records 94/96

Frank A.D. presents a 75 minutes mix of old Moving shadow records from 1994 to 1996.
140 mb 256 kBit/s

  1. Goldie-Inner city life
  2. Omni Trio-Renegade snares
  3. Tango+Fallout-Revelations (Fallout Remix)
  4. Renegade-Terrorist
  5. Bounty Killaz-Do it now (Dj Pulse Remix)
  6. Omni Trio-Who are you? (Aquasky Remix)
  7. Dead calm-Searchin'
  8. Dj Pulse-True romance
  9. Cloud 9-Jazzmin
  10. Tango-Understanding
  11. Blame-Herritage
  12. Natural mystic-Got to have ya
  13. Omni Trio-Nu birth of cool (Rogue unit Remix)
  14. Omni Trio-Serpent Navigators
  15. Dead calm-Urban style
  16. JMJ+Richie.Universal horn


Sharon Russ hat gesagt…

Thanks for the follow...i followed you back! Interesting blog you have here!

Rebecca Dupree hat gesagt…

You were my 1o0th follower thank you!! I got ya back!

kxxthanxx hat gesagt…

Goldie-Inner city life, tune!

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