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Ominous clouds - Mix

Back 2 life....

After a longer absence (watch trainspotting and you will know ;-))
i recorded a new session. 
1 hour of some classic intelligent liquid jungle tunes,mixed with good old vinyl and ma Behringer -Mixer...(yeah,i got my turntables back...)

heres the small tracklist:

  1. JMJ+Richie-Universal horns (Moving shadow)
  2. Eugenix feat. Corelle-Sunshine (Bear Necessities)
  3. Omni Trio-Nu birth of cool,Rogue unit Remix (Moving shadow)
  4. PFM-The Western (Good Looking)
  5. LTJ Bukem-Horizons (Good Looking)
  6. Donovan Smith-The water (Basement)
  7. Omni Trio-Who are you,Aquasky Remix (Moving shadow)
  8. Goldie-Inner city life (Moving shadow)
  9. Ltj Bukem-Music (Good Looking)
  10. Frank de Wulf-Drums in a grip,Wax Doctor Remix (Harthouse)
  11. Cloud 9-Jazzmin,Tango Remix (Moving shadow)
  12. Fallen angels-Taken over,Alex Reece Remix (Creative Wax)

60 Min. 111 mb

Enjoy the mix and watch out for some more shit soon...

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