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Shitcoredeluxe - It's a 94' thang ! Some Jungle classics from 1994...

Load ma new mix ,mixed with good old vinyl,2 Turntables and a Behringer mixer...enjoy the session with a lot of darkness, female vocals and deep bass ;-)


  1. Renegade-Terrorist (Moving shadow)
  2. Slipmatt-Breaking free (Awesome)
  3. Omni Trio-Renegade snares (Moving shadow)
  4. The Alliance-Champion sound (Legend)
  5. Dj Rap- Tibetan jungle (Proper talent)
  6. SubNation-Scottie, Ray Keith Remix (Future Vinyl)
  7. Ellis Dee-Nice up ya scene (White House)
  8. Origin unknown-Valley of the shadows (Ram)
  9. Dj Pulse-Stay calm (Creative wax)
  10. Leviticus-Burial (FFRR)
  11. Mayhem-Intense, Ray Keith Remix (Face)
  12. Ellis Dee-Ohh boy (White House)
  13. Wax Doctor-Fallen angels (IQ)
  14. M-Beat-Sweet love, Vibes+Wishdocta Remix (White)
  15. The Invisible man-Skyliner  (Timeless)
  16. The Trip-The Erb, Special toke Remix (Knite Force)

116 mb ;        1:03 min. ;         94 ish jungle

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