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Frank A.D. presentz 50 Tracks from a better period of breakbeats 09 2011.mp3

Here's my new Old Skool session,mixed with 100 % Vinyl. More than 3 hours of Old skool happy Breakbeats,mistakes,sweet vocals,nice pianos and many amen- rollers. Recorded with magix,mixed with my Behringer mixer and 2 turntables.Enjoy the mix and have a good time ;)

  1. The Prodigy- Weather experience (XL)
  2. Jack'n'Phil- Flying (Basement)
  3. Krome+Time- Sound of the underground (Suburban Base)
  4. Phuture assassins- Shot like dis (Suburban Base)
  5. Top Buzz- Living in darkness (Basement)
  6. Hyper on experience- Another rave (Moving shadow)
  7. Altern 8- Infiltrate 202 (Network)
  8. Sonz of da loop da loop era- Further out (Suburban Base)
  9. BKS- Talkin'bout love (Quality)
  10. Poosie+Cru-L-T - Knite in paradise (Knite Force)
  11. Slipmatt- Breaking free (Awesome)
  12. Bay B Kane- Don't make me vexed (Kikiman)
  13. The Trip- The erb (Knite Force)
  14. The prodigy- Out of space (XL)
  15. M-Beat- Just a little (Arts)
  16. Wishdokta- Visitation (Asylum)
  17. Nookie- Shining in da darkness (Reinforced)
  18. Sunshine Productions- Above the clouds (Just another Label)
  19. The Timespan- Shown (Remix Records)
  20. Ramos+Supreme- Crowd control,Slipmatt Remix (Hectic)
  21. Hyper on experience- Monarch of the glenn (Moving shadow)
  22. Ramos+Supreme- The journey,Fusion Remix (Hectic)
  23. Future Primitive- Feel it (Knite Force)
  24. Deep Blue- The helicopter tune (Moving shadow)
  25. Special K- Untitled (Saigon)
  26. Alk-E-D - Selecta (Knite Force)
  27. 4 horsemen of the apocalypse- Drowning in her (Tone def)
  28. Bizzy B- Slow jam (White House)
  29. Alec Empire- Anti Nazi soulfood (Force Inc)
  30. Cru-L-T - Sky high (Knite Force)
  31. Kenetic- Girl if ever (Boogie Beat)
  32. Naz aka Naz- Organized crime (Dejavu)
  33. Dj Solo+Dj Devine- Axis (Production House)
  34. Force + The Evolution- Perfect dreams (Knite Force)
  35. Force+ The Evolution- Lost it (Knite Force)
  36. Baby D- I need your lovin',Roll out Remix (White)
  37. Twinspin- Beetlejuice (Buzz Bee)
  38. D'Cruze- Bass go boom, Dope Remix (Suburban Base)
  39. Dj Tobi- Untitled (White)
  40. Orca- 4 a.m. (Lucky Spin)
  41. Sunshine Productions- Symphony in september (Just another Label)
  42. Dj Slam- Influence (Just another Label)
  43. Ramos+Supreme- Gotta believe, Heaven Remix (Hectic)
  44. Hyper on experience- Disturbance (Moving shadow)
  45. Origin Unknown- Valley of the shadows (Ram)
  46. Omni Trio- Renegade snares (Moving Shadow)
  47. Point blank- Cape fear (Tone def)
  48. Cru-L-T - Track 4 (Knite Force)
  49. M-Beat- Sweet love,Vibes+Wishdokta Remix (White)
  50. Dj Pulse- Stay calm (Creative Wax)

320 kBit/s ; 357 mb ; 195 minutes

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