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Original Rude boy trip

Here's a mix I did  featuring some of my favourite old skool Raggajungle records from roughly 94-95. Hold tight the old skool heads!

I've also included a shortish essay on the music, which might be of interest.
Mixed 100 % with vinyl,90 minutes of jungle madness+ little mistakes ;)) enjoy the session and have a good start into a new week...

  1. Sound of the future-The lighter , V.I.P. Remix (Formation)
  2. Londons most wanted-Girls (Philly Blunt)
  3. D.M.S. + Boneman X-Sweet vibrations (Sureshot)
  4. Dead Dred-Dred Bass (Moving Shadow)
  5. Q Project-Champion sound (Legend)
  6. Dillinja-You don't know (Logic Productions)
  7. Subnation-Scottie,Ray Keith Remix (Future Vinyl)
  8. New blood-Worries in the dance (London Some'ting)
  9. Deep Blue-Helicopter (Moving shadow)
  10. Chuck E-Smoking a blunt (White House)
  11. Dj SS-Black,V.I.P. Remix (Formation)
  12. Leviticus-The burial (Philly Blunt)
  13. Remarc-Sound murderer (White House)
  14. Fire Fox + 4Tree-Warning (Philly Blunt)
  15. Dj Nut Nut-Special detication (London Some'ting)
  16. Special-K - Untitled (Saigon)
  17. Roni Size-Timestretch (V Recordings)
  18. Tom+Jerry - Maximum style (Reinforced)
  19. Prizna-Fire (Labello Blanco)
  20. Renegade-Terrorist (Moving Shadow)
  21. Studio pressure-Presha III, V.I.P. Remix ( Certificate18)
  22. Dj Taktix-The way,Ray Keith Remix (Back 2 Basics)

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