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fire in da hole

                   Some dark DnB classics

Load ma new mix with 15 Drum"n"Bass Classics. 1 hour of some old tunes recorded with magix-Retten sie ihre Schallplatten 3.0. , 2 Turntables and ma Behringer.Mixer. enjoy the session and forgive me the few mistakes i made...;.)

Here's the Tracklist :

  1. Mystic-The Funk (Rinse out)
  2. Bassline generation-Rules the world (white)
  3. Nasty habbits-shadow boxing (31)
  4. Micro-spyhunter(N:beat)
  5. Stomp+weaver-Parameters (Rinse out)
  6. Unknown-Untitled (white)
  7. Dj Krust-warhead (Full cycle)
  8. Elementz of noise-The arrival (Emotif)
  9. Jonny L-Piper,Grooverider Remix (XL)
  10. Dj Pollen-Back lash (Perspective)
  11. Undercover agent-Point plank (Global thang)
  12. Arcos-Destruction (Thunder)
  13. Unknown-Untitled (White)
  14. Weaver-Retro blast (Wide open music)
  15. Loxy+Ink-straight up menace (Renegade Hardware)


Danièle hat gesagt…

Thanks :-)

shitcoredeluxe hat gesagt…

You're wellcome ;-)

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