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Happy new year...Let's start with a new mix. Recorded with a new Magix-programm,1 Mixer and 2 Turntables....
60 minutes old school atmospheric liquid Jungle from 94-96.

  1. Blame-Heritage (Moving shadow)
  2. Goldie-Inner city life (Moving shadow)
  3. Unit1-Atlantic drama (Creative wax)
  4. Peshay-Piano Tune (Good looking)
  5. PFM-Western (Good looking)
  6. Tango+Fallout-Revelation (Moving shadow)
  7. The Architex-Blueprint (Basement)
  8. Ltj Bukem-Music (Good looking)
  9. Ltj Bukem-Horizons (Good looking)
  10. Fallen angels-Frequency (Creative wax)
  11. Dj Pulse-True Romance (Moving shadow)
  12. Omni Trio-Renegade snares (Moving shadow)                            

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