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Lovely ugly brutal world - Breakcore Mix

Recorded @ home on 29th january 2011...2 Turntables,a Behringer Mixer and Magix-recording tool.
Enjoy two hours of Breakcore,Raggacore,IDM,some mash up stuff and a little bit hardcore ;-) Yesterday 100 people playes football in my head,formely known as i waked up and everything was the first thought was running to ma musicroom and record this funny sessions ;-)
So here are the Tracks ;

  1. B.Slave-Down under
  2. NWODTLEM-One single ticket on the number 13 please
  3. Istari Lasterfahrer-the deal my dear
  4. Cardopusher-travestieten transexuelen over the rainbow
  5. Cardopusher-Pollo ronco
  6. Skeeter-an overwhelming sense of pessimism
  7. LFO Demon-Data Kommanda
  8. Pavell Nikof-Schnapscore
  9. Cardopusher-show me your pussy massive
  10. P.R.O.-Big baloo
  11. Doshy-Boom shake the room
  12. Pneumatic head-Compressor-Hermit crab
  13. Crushkill-Ack!!1one one
  14. FKL-Digital voice
  15. Istari Lasterfahrer-Can`t tek-no more
  16. Melodic pinpon-Narcissiqoue pretentieux
  17. Halloway-Soundproof cell
  18. Laf-O-Jerky fader octopus
  19. Istari Laserfahrer-kill a groove
  20. Nailbomb cults-Cthulhu rising
  21. Doormouse-marriot mash up
  22. Lfo Demon-Weedcan
  23. Aakurtz-thats the way i look at it
  24. Ladyscraper-Bleeding from the butt
  25. Matt Green-Drum in denial
  26. Istari Lasterfahrer-my sound
  27. Duran Duran Duran-Hannibal selector
  28. Monster X-horrible thing
  29. Mash up soundsystem-plastic bag
  30. BamBam Babylon Bajasch-Mülltonn crew
  31. Cardopusher-chivo que se devuel ve se esnuca
  32. Bong Ra-Spiegeltje met lijntjes
  33. Ilsa Gold-Trashcan Sessions
  34. Kowareta Hyoushi-Nanondi
  35. Ambassador21-Biology
  36. Shitmat-white label unity
  37. Alphaville-Big in Japan
  38. Ellis Dee-Nice up ya scene
  39. Mike Ink-Lovely ugly brutal world
  40. Lfo Demon-1000 beers
  41. Dr.Bastardo-free booze is great  till you puke on K Zombies
  42. Anticrazy-Embarassing evidence
  43. Alf-Xraz bitum
  44. Rioteer-black it is
  45. Ambassador21-Zombie
  46. Ambassador21-FM must die

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