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Experimental Misch Masch Mix

Here's a new Session i mixed this sunday afternoon in my warm studio with 2 turntables,my Behringer Mixer and the new program i use - Magix - Retten sie ihre Schallplatten 3.0. 2 hours various styles like Noise,Ambient,Breakcore,Jungle,HipHop,Electro,Reggae,Dubstep,ect...
so enjoy the mix and watch out for the new Breakcore-Mix this week,if my order arrives ;-)))

  1. Cristian Vogel-Untitled (Mille Plateaux)
  2. Aphex Twin-Nannou (Warp)
  3. Markus Wormstorm-the real estat agents (Sound ink)
  4. Lee Ranaldo-Untitled (Mille Plateaux)
  5. Bill Youngman-Normad (Mental Ind)
  6. Simulation-Grand 2 (Dodge)
  7. Ambassador21-The nerves,Fragment king Remix (Restroom)
  8. Olgazz-A=A (Tragma) 
  9. Umkra-Projectionelios (Marasm)
  10. Kowareta Hyoushi-Berufssprachen (Restroom)
  11. Shank Williams-Your mom is in my porno (Indie 5000)
  12. Fusion Unlimited-UP2U (ABB)
  13. Da all-Battle crazy (Crazy hood)
  14. Rite Bros.-Sozthern fantasy (BK)
  15. Shitmat-
  16. Biochip C-My fault (Lux nigra)
  17. Bizzy B-Temptation (PLanet Mu)
  18. Shitmat-green liquid (Planet Mu)
  19. Rioteer-world against us (Crack beats)
  20. Sumone-Zombie (Sprengstoff)
  21. Aphex Twin.isopropophlex (Mighty force)
  22. Psi Performer-1983 (Kanzleramt)
  23. Psi Performer-1973 (Kanzleramt)
  24. Aphex Twin-Didgeridoo (R+S)
  25. Bong-Ra-Doodhorn des overbloed (Sublight)
  26. The bowling green-light from a diffrent sun (Blue planet)
  27. 5XPI-Whatta wonderfull morning (Restroom)
  28. Wassermann-Tränen lügen nicht (Profan)
  29. Hirzel E.V.-Oder ich hol die Bullen...(Dodge)
  30. The ripp off artist-Utility ash (Mille Plateaux)
  31. Phonooxid-cry to me (Hydrophonic)
  32. Cardopusher-green disorder (Ad Noiseam)
  33. Drop the lime-Brooklyn skank (Peace off)
  34. Spragga Benz-Look good (X-Plode)
  35. Sizzla-got live (X-Plode)
  36. Lfo Demon-my rotten body (Spprengstoff)
  37. Lorne Greene-Bonanza (Polidor)
  38. Cyanide-Deseluilitere (Bruits de fond)
  39. Lusine ICL-Chao (Mental InD)
  40. Natalie Cole-The rest of the night (Outro)

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