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This was the sound of the underground - 2 hours of happy old skool Jungle-techno ;-)) Mixed with 2 Turntables and black gold.

 Shitcoredeluxe in the Mix...

  1. The Prodigy-Weather experience (XL)
  2. Hyper on experience-Disturbance (Moving shadow)
  3. Origin unknown-Valley of the shadows (Ram)
  4. Alk ed-Selecta (Knite Force)
  5. Bizzy B-slow jam (White House)
  6. Force + Evolution-Poltergeist (Knite Force)
  7. Dj Slam-Misunderstanding (Just another Label)
  8. Hyper on experience-Monarch of the glenn (Moving shadow)
  9. Ilsa Gold-Silke(Mainframe)
  10. Sunshine Productions-above the clouds RMX (Just another label)
  11. The Prodigy-Wind it up (XL)
  12. Krome+Time-Sound of the underground (Suburban Base)
  13. Twinspin-Beetlejuice (BuzzBee)
  14. Future Primitive-Feel it (Knite Force)
  15. Dj Fade-Break thru (Happy vibes)
  16. Naz aka Naz-Organized crime (Dejavu)
  17.  Orca-4 a.m.  (Lucky Spin)
  18.  Alk ed+The Timespan-shown (Knite Force)
  19. Slipmatt-Hear me (Awesome)
  20. The Prodigy-Out of space (XL)
  21. D'Cruze-Bass go boom (Suburban Base)
  22. Alec Empire-Anti nazi soulfood (Force Inc)
  23. The Erb-The trip (Knite Force)
  24. M-Beat-Sweet love RMX (White)
  25. Renegade-Terrorist (Moving shadow)
  26. Force+Evolution-Raining smilies (Knite Force)
  27. Alk ed-Hero (Knite Force)
  28. Higher level-feel the sky (Zodiac)
  29. Dead Raver-Guiding light (BuzzBee)
  30. Liquid-Sweet harmony (XL)
  31. Dj Tobi-Untitled (White)
  32. Sunshine productions-Symphony in september (Just another label)
  33. Legend B.-Lost in Love,Space Cube RMX (3 Lanka)
  34. Dj Ham-Most uplifting RMX (Knite Force)

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